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Beautiful Jimmy Choo sandals, don’t you think? I love this shade of blue, so pretty in the summer.

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So, this whole blog-whilst-away-on-holiday-thing did not pan out, no surprise there. When my brain hits vacation mode it seems I can’t help it. These past few weeks have been wonderful, and I am fully rested and ready to take on work and school once more (right?).

I left Stockholm for Shanghai and Singapore thinking I would (besides vacationing and visiting friends) get a hold on what’s happening in luxury goods fashion over there. I must admit, after one hour on Orchard Rd. in Singapore, and maybe a blink of a second on Huaihai Rd. and Nanjing west Rd. in Shanghai, I was tired of working and I just wanted a drink with a view instead. So, I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t a clue as to how people like to shop over there, other than that they REALLY LIKE TO SHOP. There are 22 shopping malls on Orchard Rd. in Singapore, and China now stands for most of luxury goods consumption in the world.

What I instead missed were the multibrand stores. I guess I just couldn’t find them, but I found that most of the shopping in both Singapore and Shanghai is done in standalone stores, and these stores are everywhere. Of course I’m biased, my own boutique is a multibrand. In my opinion though, shopping in multibrands is far more interesting than shopping in standalones, because the store owner’s personal taste is reflected in the selection and there might be a theme or a feeling expressed through the choices the buyers have made. I also prefer to visit multibrands when I travel, because they give an idea of the city’s sense of style and esthetics. Obvious examples of this are 10 Corso Como in Milan, Dover street market in London and Colette in Paris. These stores are directional, personal and perfect displays of good taste, and I always leave feeling inspired and they breathe their city’s current trends. I would love to find this type of stores in both Shanghai and Singapore. Any suggestions? It won’t be too long before I go back for another visit. Just being over there is exciting. The pioneering spirit is intoxicating and I love how both cities are booming in different ways. Singapore is embracing multi-culture and stepping up the ladder with haute cuisine and luxe recreation. And my baby; Shanghai, is shaping up to be a well-oiled dependable machine, an international capital to count on and be inspired by. Can’t wait to go back again!

The pictures are by me, taken in Shanghai and Singapore.

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