So my plane leaves ridiculously early tomorrow morning to take me to London for meetings with the good people at the Louboutin offices and the Manolo offices. Good times. I don’t know really what to expect from Louboutin this time, at our last meeting we heard that Mr. Christian recently had nightmares over the studs he is so famous for. So, will the spikes and studs be gone this time? I would miss them, I think. I did like the way they turn my sweet flats into weapons of (small) destruction, but maybe enough is enough? I wonder what’ll come next. Florals? I’m not sure. I wish ruffles would make a comeback, he does them so well. Very Can Can. So french. Voulez vous?

What Manolo has in store for us I could never guess. Maybe I’ll walk into the presentation room and be greeted by feathers and crystal embellishments in the most unimaginable shapes and color-combinations? He is always surprising and incredibly creative in his designs. Sometimes a little difficult but never boring.

Both of these meetings are of that special kind that I am never allowed to take pictures of anything. I’ll try to get some shots in non-sensitive areas like the reception or perhaps up against a wall where there is nothing remotely interesting for anyone to copy. How about that? Nope, not super interesting, I know. Buhu that’s life.

The picture above is from the Manolo Blahnik SS13 collection press presentation.

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2 responses to “LOUBOUTIN & MANOLO

  1. Hatai

    Please can you take in lady peep sling by louboutin to the shop

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