Connecting shoe enthusiasts from around the globe

We created to help our customers – shoe fashionistas in Stockholm, where our boutique is located, but also all around the world – get the best designer shoes from a trusted and reliable source.

Although we are located in Sweden, we invite customers from across the globe to check out our website. We are proud to offer the latest and most fashionable shoes from popular designers like Giuseppe Zanotti, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Stella McCartney.

Just like our customers, the designers who create the products we carry hail from various locations in the world. After all, that’s why we are here – to help connect our customers with the most spectacular designer shoes possible, no matter where you live or where the product originates. You can order our shoes from the comfort of your own home and have them in your hands a few days later, which is a great convenience we are proud to provide. Did you know that we deliver to more than 150 countries? Chances are, that means we deliver to you.

Of course, we would love you to be a guest at our actual boutique in Stockholm, so the next time you travel to Sweden, feel free to stop by and we will be happy to serve you in-person.

For now though, you can count on us at to deliver on all of your designer shoe needs.


13 responses to “SHOPSAVANNAHS.COM

  1. What are your requirements to post a link and banner from your website? I would love to advertise your products on my site for ladies designer shoes and send your traffic through the linkshare affiliate program or other program offers you will allow. I will be honored to help promote your products on my website and send you traffic from emails, social media, PPV and PPC marketing resources I currently use.
    Please visit Thank you for your consideration.
    Desmond Fry


    Interested in a pair of shoes (vampanodo 140 mm BLACK/PEACOCK) in number 36.5
    I’m from greece and here only have to 37.5. The price that I did was 385 euros because this season have discounts. You want to know if you have my number and my color, the price, and how you send it to me.
    Thanks you.

    • Dear Stasinopoulou Rania,

      Unfortunately we do not carry said model, but we wish you good luck in your continued search! Kind regards, Savannah and the team at

  3. alison

    Hi there- I am about to cry, the Hangisi Satin pump in something blue is completely sold out here in the US. I need the 35.5- I would like to confirm it is in stock. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi shopsavannahs team, Is it possible to advertise your products on my blog and send traffic through your affiliate program. thanks Jose xx

  5. Ricky

    Hi, I am just wondering if ship it to China, is the price not include duty? Thanks.

  6. dina


    i have a question, i want to buy louboutin’s from a friend i just met and she told me that she bought the shoes in your store. she has the invoice with your stamp… i would like to know how your invoices look like… so what kind of invoice the clients get when the buy something; is it handwriten?

  7. Stephanie Bordonaro

    Hello, Just ordered a pair of CL pigalle 120 in Black. Do you think the shipping will take very long to Canada? I wanted them for the holidays. *Wishful Thinking* Thank you!

  8. Anna

    Hi , I really like the Alexander Mc Queen powder pink and grey skull scarf. I was in their store in Bond Street last Sunday but they only have a pink with blue skulls in silk chiffon. So , I was just wondering if this one that you have is part of 2013 collection. Thanks Anna

  9. Anna

    Hi ! Thanks for your quick reply:). I have seen the scarf and thinking of getting it but just want to know if it was part of last season spring / summer 2013 or fall/ winter 2013. Thanks again:)

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