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All y’all! I have been taking a small hiatus from le blog, but I’m back now. Some of you have followed me on Instagram these last couple of months, but I realised that I missed putting more than two words together at a time and that’s why I have decided to throw myself back into the blog-life. What do you guys want to see here? Pics and trend-updates from my buy-ins in London, Milan and Paris? Do you want videos from these places as well? News from the web shop and boutique in Stockholm? News from the designer-shoe-world at large? Would you like me to also write in Swedish? Enlighten me! I will try my best to share with you what it is that I do, the places I go, the people I meet and the shoes I have the pleasure of surrounding myself with each and every day. Sounds good?

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This is what the Christian Louboutin London showroom waiting room looks like. Fresh flowers, scented candles, an embroidered sofa and a glimpse of  the signature red carpet flooring in the corner. I leave for London in a few hours since our buying appointment is tomorrow morning. After that it’s straight off to Milan to meet with Giuseppe Zanotti, Proenza Schouler and Rupert Sanderson. I’ll be back in Stockholm on Wednesday, ready to report next year’s trends in shoes and accessories!

Pic by me


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Proenza Schouler just showed in London, and what can I say? The collection is crazy wonderful. I am super excited to see the pieces next week when I go to Milan. Which ones would you like to see in the shop? The strappy boot-sandal is spot-on, it feels very 2013 but might be too difficult to wear? The shape of the heel is however both new and interesting but still very wearable. I like the look of the mule-like sandals with contrasting white heels. All in all, I think this collection is one of the strongest we’ve seen so far for spring. The ready-to-wear is brilliant. I want it all. Hats off to the boys at Proenza Schouler, they sure nailed this one.

Pics by Style.com and columbine.freshnet.se

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I’ve probably praised these Manolos a million times before, but it’s only because they’re so awesome. I have worn my black suede BB pumps in the shop maybe a few times too many, not much variation there. I wear them all the time to tell you the truth. But since it can’t be very inspiring for my customers to see me wearing the same shoes all the time, I am looking for another pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes that I feel that comfortable wearing with any outfit. And guess what? I really feel like going for the same BB pump in black suede, but on a 70mm heel instead of 105mm. Oh, the excitement! Haha not really, but seriously, the shape of the BB pump is so perfect I want one pair in every color and every heel height. Also, don’t be surprised if you find low-heeled pointy pumps taking over the stores of all the designers these next coming seasons, they’re baaack.

Pics by tumblr and by shopsavannahs.com

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Eurovision song contest 2012 winner Loreen wore her Giuseppe Zanotti pumps to the Swedish television awards Kristallen last week. I also found a pic of her wearing them where you see the platform effect better. These exagerated Zanotti pumps have that perfect balance between sexy and avant garde, they have an more edgy look than most stripperella shoes out there. We have them both in black and in this season’s number one color burgundy in the shop and web shop.

Pic by stureplan.se & shopsavannahs.com


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This just in: shoes and bags, ya’ll. The Stella McCartney runway 2012 pump with a thick white rubber sole is so directional and I love the palliette and fauz fur Falabella bags. Yum.

Pics by me.

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Snapped a quick pic of these beauties by Givenchy that just arrived in the store! Gah they are so delicious. And I have learned I am not the only one drooling over these babies. Check out the fan-pics below!

Pics by sofis mode, aftrd@rk, northern light, and me!


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