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These are some of my favorite photos from my favorite places in Asia over the past 5 years. I have this Asia-obsession and I try to go back there every chance I get. Looks good, no? The beachy ones are from Boracay and Cebu, the one with me standing in the street and on a bridge are Shanghai and the skyline is Hong Kong. I have a lot of great pictures from my time in Taipei as well, I’ll get them up on the blog soon.

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Have luxury lost its luster?

Well, Dana Thomas seems to think so. I picked up this book when I was at the airport in Hong Kong, because how could I not? I had to know what she meant. I have only read about half of it yet, and I really like the brief history lesson of luxury in the modern world. The book explains how the luxury industry works, and narrows down the  key moments and major players in the changes in recent years. I can say more when I finished reading, but in the mean time I do recommend this book as a fun holiday read, maybe not as a source of unbiased information.

Svenska – Hets-köpte den här boken på flygplatsen i Hongkong (jag var ju tvungen när den hette något så galet som “how luxury lost its luster”, vad tusan menar hon?). Boken beskriver hur lyxindustrin fungerar och hur den blivit vad den är idag. Jag har inte läst klart den än, så jag återkommer med fullständigt betyg. Tydligen är Louboutin omnämnd i ett senare kapitel, det blir spännande att läsa.

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Wishing you a merry little Christmas and a super happy Birthday, ya’ll

Christmas in Hong Kong is more about oysters, foie gras and champagne than I’m used to. But I’m not complaining. Me and my aunt wore the same season Louboutins to a dinner party for about 15 people in Central last night, we had an eight course meal and lots of fun. We all sang songs and come midnight we toasted to my birthday. Merry Christmas to you all (and happy Birthday to those of us to be lucky enough to have been born on this day).

Svenska – Jul i Hongkong firas tydligen med ostron, gåslever och champagne. Inte mig emot. Jag firade med en åttarätters meny igår med släkt och vänner i Hongkong Central. Vi skålade när jag fyllde år vid tolvslaget. God Jul till alla (och grattis på födelsedagen till alla ni som precis som jag fyller år på denna fantastiska dag).

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Packing my Louboutins and running off to Hong Kong

Cheesy headline, but it really does describe what I am doing right this second. Red soles for Christmas in Hong Kong. It ain’t Christmas if it ain’t red, right? Besides the shoes I have no clue what to bring with me, maybe just knits and warm pants? Although it might be warmer in Hong Kong than Taipei? Decisions, decisions. Anyway, most importantly I packed the Christmas gifts. Everything else will sort itself out.

Svenska – Lite småtöntig rubrik, men den beskriver ganska ordagrant min situation just nu. Allt som är rött passar ju till jul, eller hur? Förutom skorna har jag ingen aning vad jag ska packa. Stickat och varma byxor? Eller är det varmare i Hongkong än i Taipei? Beslutsångest på hög nivå. Det viktigaste är däremot redan packat och klart, nämligen julklapparna. Allt annat löser sig.


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