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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore the Jimmy Choo Alias pump in grey suede and mock croc to the launch of her lingerie line for Marks & Spencer. These pumps have been very popular, but we still have a few pairs left. The Alias style fits everyone wonderfully, and we will also have it in dark navy suede come mid-november.

Pic by fashionscanner.onsugar.com


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Manolo Blahnik Ikera lace up pumpManolo Blahnik Ikera lace up pump

Some shoes need to be tried on before you can make a judgement call. Taking a product photo of the Ikera lace up pumps from Manolo Blahnik proved a bit tricky, they’re not really done justice unless displayed on a foot.

It’s a good thing we’ve got such sweet shop girls that are happy to model our shoes. Here’s what the Ikera pumps look like on, they’re a typical stylish Manolo.

/Tina @ the office


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Jimmy Choo Cosmic glitter pump

Shade your eyes ladies, these dazzlers from Jimmy Choo just arrived yesterday. The office was all oohs and aahs as we unveiled them. Judging by the abundance of glitter and sparkle among our PRE-FALL 2012 arrivals, this coming season is going to be very bright.


Tina @ the office

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Happy 4th of July!

Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin Highness 160 popi fabric pump

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Linda champagne glitter fabric sandal

Manolo Blahnik Manolo Blahnik BB electric blue suede pump

Happy 4th of July! Here’s some red, white (okay, silver, but some celebratory sparkle felt appropriate), and blue to celebrate America’s big day.

/Tina @ the office

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The Christian Louboutin Very Privé 120

After the great response to my first attempt at this Christian Louboutin Style Catalogue, if you may, I will continue with another one of the classic styles that have been available for many seasons, in a variety of colors and materials. The Very Privé is a signature pump from Christian Louboutin and we experience a steady stream of inquiries from customers all over the world regarding this style. Many people prefer a platform for the extra stability and free extra inch in heel height, not easily achieved on a one sole pump. What’s not to love, really? The Very Privé is also said to be extra comfortable, with a well-balanced heel and wider fit than most Christian Louboutin pumps. So let’s get started! I’ll use the same categories as before and just fire away.

Description – The Very Privé pump is always on a 120mm / 4.5″ heel, with a 25mm / 1″ platform and has a peep-toe. The platform is covered apart from the open toe, of course. The heel is slightly wider at the base and then narrows down towards the tip, giving a feminine and flattering silhouette. The style is cut low at the sides, showing a lot of the foot. As always, the Louboutin pump is a sexy pump.

Colors/Materials – The Very Privé is a classic pump in chic black kid leather, a sexy evening shoe in either patent black or elegant black satin, and a favorite of mine in black suede. All the black materials are best sellers and key items every season. In patent black or black kid, the Very Privé sometimes has a patent red peep-toe sole to accentuate the red/black theme of Christian Louboutin.  The patent nude is a true classic and leaves the shelves as soon as they arrive in the sort of frenzy always associated with Christian Louboutin shoes. The Very Privé also turns out beautiful in all sorts of exotic skins, such as python or watersnake, python being the more expensive version. The off white satin version has always been a bridal favorite and comes with a contrasting light blue leather lining. The Very Privé is also a great way to play with color and metallics, a fuchsia suede still nags my memory. I loved it but passed it up for some other combination, can’t for my life remember why!

Fit – Most Christian Louboutin pumps are regarded as quite narrow or slim fit, and this is something that you should consider when trying out your Louboutin pumps. A peep-toe always gives you a little more wiggle room if you have a wider foot. This might not be a universal truth, but it is my experience that peep-toe pumps are more prone to adjusting according to the shape of your foot. The Very Privé is no exception. The style is wider over the toes and has a normal fit. Most customers do not need to take the next half-size up unlike most Christian Louboutin styles.

Good to know – Remember that a peep-toe pump mostly is worn without stockings, so remember to make sure to choose a size where you know that your foot will be comfortable even without a stocking. Usually you need a little more wiggle room when wearing pumps in bare feet.

My personal take on this style – I love how this classic shape seems to fit everyone, and is easy to make your own. No Very Privé customer is another alike. Women of all ages love this shoe, and wear it according to their preference. I love how I sold the silver metallic watersnake Very Privé to rock n roll girls with studded leather jackets and to an elegant woman to wear with her couture cocktail dress with lace and sequins. It is such a versatile shoe, you just have to love that.

The Very Privé family – A few other classic styles have emerged from the Very Privé shape. The N°Privé is a Very Privé with a sling-back, also highly popular in patent black or nude. The Hyper Privé has the same heel height as the Very Privé, but a slightly higher platform to ease the arch angle. A super luxe version of the Very Privé is the Very Riche, completely covered in Swarovski strass in various sizes.

Pictures: http://www.ShopSavannahs.com, http://us.christianlouboutin.com

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The Christian Louboutin “Simple Pump” for dummies.

I think it is about time to start introducing one iconic shoe at a time from the Christian Louboutin selection shoes we carry at ShopSavannahs.com and Savannahs boutique. In no particular order, I will start with the Christian Louboutin Simple Pump.

Description – The Simple Pump has belonged to the “Classics” segment of Christian Louboutin for many seasons, and is available in a variety of materials, colors and heights. It has a rounded toe, a little “bump” at the tip of the toe that gives the shoe some shine and also the illusion of a slimmer foot. It’s quite low-necked (shows some toe-cleavage) which is typical for Christian Louboutin. His shoes are all sex and no excuses. The pump has a single sole, the style with a platform is a newer style and is called New Simple pump (simple enough, right?). The Simple Pump has a covered, straight heel and always of course a signature red leather sole.

Colors/Materials – The most popular and widely sought after of the Simple pumps is from my experience the black kid or black patent on a 70mm heel. Not many of Christian Louboutin styles are available on that low a height, which of course adds to it’s allure. The Simple Pump is also great in neutral shades like nude, beige and camel. These shades change in tone every season, a nude one season could have more or less pink tones than the next, and a camel could vary from lighter shades to darker shades.

Fit – I usually recommend my customers to try a half-size larger than usual in the Simple Pump, because it has a narrow fit. This only goes for those of us (yep, that’s me) who have a normal or wide foot. If you have a slim foot your normal size should do. Remember that pumps with a higher heel (I would say anything with a tilt, but it’s most important on 100mm and steeper) need to really sit tight on your foot and not leave a gap at the back. A gap at the back will cause you to cramp your toes to keep the Louboutin on, and this leads to a strained walk and sprained ankles. I’m not exaggerating. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way! If you don’t feel secure  in your Christian Louboutins, you probably aren’t.

Good to know – I have also felt that the Simple Pump could change a bit in the shape. Christian Louboutin has made small adjustments to improve the shape fit and comfort and update the look. These changes are so small that only a geek like me and my colleagues at Savannahs can see it without squinting, so I don’t know if it matters to everyone. But I thought it could be good to know this, for those of you who have tried on this shoe in the past. You might want to try again, because they do FEEL different even if the changes are slight.

My personal take on this style – I would say it is the perfect everyday-pump. It looks best in classic shades and materials and has a clean, timeless cut and shape that will be a closet favorite many years, for sure. For many of our customers it’s their first pair of Louboutins, so clearly it’s an icon. Also, it is a collector favorite because of it’s pure Christian Louboutin esthetic’s. What can I say? It’s a Simple Pump, and simply Louboutin.


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“The classic Louboutin pump” -MYTH!

I am planning to start introducing one Christian Louboutin style at a time here on the blog, because I get asked so many questions about heel heights, fit, comfort, durability, materials and colors of Louboutin pumps and shoes. If I make a sort of blog catalogue of the different styles and what they are like, would you read it?  The internet is all about sharing information anyway.

The first shoe I’ll introduce and cross-examine (oh yes, you asked for info, you’re gonna get it) on Monday the 21st of March is the Simple Pump. But before any of that, I need to start with some basics.  It’s funny that I feel a need to provide background info because, no, Christian Louboutin shoes is not a science. But they do seem to cause strange and sometimes very emotional reactions wherever they’re shown or worn, with a million questions to follow. So, if you don’t know the basics, how are you going to ask the right questions? No matter the level of science or art, knowledge is always key.

So, for your information (or just plain entertainment), here is the story of the myth of “The classic Louboutin pump” told from my perspective.

When we started planning our business, I was faced with the task of listing the labels I wanted for ShopSavannahs.com and Savannahs Boutique. The only label I put down for sure was Christian Louboutin. I really didn’t know that I absolutely wanted any other brand. I was hooked on the Louboutin drug that fed my shoe addiction. I was all about “The classic Louboutin pump” and how great it was and how we had to have it. I thought that there was maybe one or possibly two classic Louboutin pumps. You know, “the black ones with the high heel”. The classic one, that everyone knew and wanted. Well, I was in for a shock.


Oh crap. I have to choose? Between all of these? Which one is the classic one? I don’t see it anywhere, yet it’s everywhere (this is what it sounded like in my  head at the first purchase appointment in London). Of course these thoughts were quickly replaced with ooh’s and aah’s over the 150mm platform glitter pumps with spikes all over or the pony leopard wedges and stilettos covered in black lace. Oh la la. So THIS is what Christian Louboutin is all about. This is wonderful! Beautiful! Not exactly practical with 2 meters of snow and ice in Stockholm, but hey, who needs warm feet anyway?

What I have gathered from these past years of retailing Christian Louboutin pumps is that everyone wants “The Classic Louboutin Pump” yet it looks completely different to everyone. It’s like interrogating witnesses to a crime, everyone is so sure of what they saw but everyone saw different things. Like everything else, it’s all relative. One woman’s classic Louboutin pump is a discrete black kid Simple Pump on a 70mm heel and is worn with black stockings and a pencil skirt. Another woman’s classic is the 140mm high Bianca in patent leather, worn with fish nets and red lipstick. The fashionista’s classic pump is the pointy Pigalle 120 in patent black worn with tanned legs and a designer mini-dress. For others it might be the Ron Ron 100 with a round, sweet toe and thicker heel, or a black kid Mater Claude with a platform and peep-toe in patent red, or a Very Privé 120 in black suede, or a Declic 120 in black kid. Or why not the Simple pump on a 85mm heel? Or a 100mm? In nude or black. They are all classics. There are about 100 more classic styles that I could bore you with, but let’s not. They are all fabulous anyway. And this is what’s so great with the Christian Louboutin pumps. There is a classic for everyone and still no one has to look the same. Please, for your own sake, stop worrying that you are getting the “wrong” classic and be comforted by the fact that there are so many to choose from and you are bound to find the perfect pair that fits your foot, your personal style and fulfills your Louboutin-fantasy.

The truth is, all the classic Louboutin pumps are the “right” classics because they have been loved , sold out and put into production time and time again. Also, new classics are added every season, and old ones removed, to make the collection fresh and new, just for you.


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